Thursday, 28 February 2013

Easy Ham & Swiss Crescent Roll-ups

A friend of mine shared with me a super easy Ham & Swiss Crescent Roll-up recipe that the whole family will love especially the kids! I had the opportunity to test it out at lunch today and let me tell you, these were the best Crescents I have ever had! It’s also great to find a recipe that you do not have to force your stubborn 2 year old to actually eat, this is why I am sharing this easy recipe with you!
(fair warning… they are addicting)

Easy Ham & Swiss Crescent Roll-ups

1 Package of Crescent Rolls
4 slices of Swiss Cheese
8-16 slices of Ham (depends on thickness of slices)

On an ungreased cookie sheet roll out the crescent dough. Take slices of the ham and place a slice or two on each triangular piece of dough. Try and keep the ham in a triangular shape inside the dough to keep it from burning.

This is where you split the cheese in half but make sure to split it triangularly to easily place it on top of the Ham and Crescent.

Now you roll the Ham & Swiss Crescents up in to a crescent shape if possible. Bake on 350 for roughly 10-15 minutes making sure they do not burn.

These are best paired with a hearty tomato soup! Enjoy!

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