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Chocolatescapes on a Stick

Create homemade Easter chocolate eggs with different colored layers with this fun and edible chocolate Easter egg craft for kids. .  These chocolate Easter eggs on a stick make a great treat to add to your child's Easter basket
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  • Small eggs
  • Chopstick or skewer
  • Chocolate candy melts in various colors
  • Plastic zipper sandwich baggies
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Cardboard egg carton
  • Small bowl

Cooking Instructions

  1. Pick up an egg; poke the bottom (largest end) with an ice pick or steak knife.
  2. Use your fingertips to pinch off little bits of the egg around the hole. Make the hole almost the size of a dime. (Note: Yes this seems large, but you have to get the chocolate back inside!) (See photo.)
  3. Hold the egg over the mixing bowl, stick the chopstick up inside the egg and break the yolk. Shake the egg into the mixing bowl. Set egg shell on plate. (See photo.)
  4. Repeat with remaining eggs.
  5. Use the eggs in mixing bowl in a recipe or cook up a batch of scrambled eggs. (Yum!)
  6. Take egg shells over to the sink and rinse them out.
  7. Fill each egg shell with warm water and place in pan.
  8. Gently cover the eggs with warm water about an inch above the tops of the eggs.
  9. Place pan on stove and bring to a boil. Boil 2 minutes. Note: This step was provided by our local County Extension Food Economist to eliminate salmonella.
  10. Remove pan from heat.
  11. Use slotted spoon to remove egg shells, one at a time, from water. Place egg shell in strainer or on cooling rack placed in sink. (If you do not have a rack that fits in your sink, place kitchen towels on countertop and place strainer or cooling rack on towels.) Carefully (they are hot!) tip the egg to drain the water out.
  12. Repeat for all egg shells.
  13. Be sure to wash thoroughly anything, including your hands, which may have come in contact with the raw eggs.
  14. Let egg shells dry thoroughly (overnight).
  15. Place the eggs in egg cartons with the open end facing up.
  16. Place a handful of melts into a microwave safe bowl and heat on 50% power for one minute. Continue for another 30 seconds (50% power) or until all pieces are melted.
  17. Fill a zipper plastic bag halfway with one of the colors of melted chocolate. (See photo.)
  18. Squeeze all the air out of the bag and push all the chocolate to one corner.
  19. Twist the remaining areas of the bag around to form a mock pastry bag.
  20. Snip the tip of the corner off with scissors. (See photo.)
  21. Squeeze melted chocolate into the egg shells through the opening. Repeat with other colors to create layers. (See photo.)
  22. Just when you think you are done you will need to firmly but carefully tap the egg carton on the table or counter to help get rid of any air pockets in the chocolate. Top off eggs with more chocolate.
  23. Before the chocolate sets, be sure to stick in a lollipop stick. (See photo.)
  24. Place the eggs into the refrigerator to set.
  25. Once chocolate has set, remove the egg carton to the counter.
  26. One egg at a time, carefully tap the sides of the egg on the counter.
  27. Peel the egg shells off the chocolate.
  28. Eat and enjoy! (See photo.)

Tips & Tricks

  • Be careful not to tap the shell too hard on the counter as you can break your molded chocolate egg.
  • Try different decorating ideas like creating one solid colored egg, then after you have peeled the shell dot on other colors or drizzle.
  • Be sure to get the smallest eggs that you can as this can be a considerable amount of chocolate!
  • Stick your chocolatescapes into some floral foam covered with Easter grass and place in a basket for a very cute table decoration! (See photo.)

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